We work closely with hand picked talented artists to bring our products to life. We feel that artists do their best work when creative control rests with them. Therefore we merely consult with the artist to help bring out the best possible covers. Below are the artists we have worked with and the covers they have created. If you are an artist and would like to work with us, please contact


Mike Mahle

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Beowulf
  • Don Quixote
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Moby Dick
  • Paradise Lost
  • Peter Pan
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Art of War
  • The Brothers Karamazov
  • The Collected Works of H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Odyssey
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Time Machine
  • The War of the Worlds
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Robert Ball

  • Hamlet
  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Julius Caesar

Other Artists

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Van Orton
  • Cleopatra
    Casmic Lab
  • Crime and Punishment
    Coke Navarro
  • Flatland
    Rutger Paulusse
  • Mysterious Island
    Brian Yap
  • Pride and Prejudice
    Andrea de Santis
  • Robinson Crusoe
    Conor Smyth
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Tarzan of the Apes
    Adrian Fernandez
  • The Iliad
    Sean Anderson
  • The Jungle Book
    Michael Keliher
  • The Turn of the Screw
    Ink Bad Company
  • The Wind in the Willows
    Dave Perillo